If you are considering selling your home, Jack understands the weight of this decision and the importance it has to you and your family.  He has experience helping Seniors determine the lifestyle they want and how to get there!

Working with the Senior's Housing Authority, their popular "Seminars for Seniors" can help you understand the details involved in making a lifestyle change.

As a Senior Specialist, Jack is a knowledgeable resource if you are considering a transition from your current home and want to enjoy the benefits of a new lifestyle.

 Seniors' Resources 

This is the website of the Canadian Association of Retired Persons ("CARP").  A great portal-style site for browsing when you don't have a particular research need. The Health division has a wealth of articles.  You're bound to find something that makes you say: "I always wanted to know more about this!".

This U.S. website is an excellent source of articles with a well developed network of private corporations, government agencies and non-profit foundations and organizations interested in increasing the use and comfort of seniors on the Internet.

This site is worth every senior and their supporting children spending an hour or so to review.  Want to know why an Enduring Power of Attorney has only limited effectiveness?  What happens if a senior loses decision-making ability and her doctor needs a decision? This is you best resource, for starters.

A comprehensive listing of the housing and care facilities for seniors in BC, searchable by municipality or by health region.  There's a section on Family Legacies where families can pay tribute to their elders with enduring life story postings that the whole clan can contribute to and view.